Day 19 of #dungeon23 │ #city23 project

Day 19 of #dungeon23 │ #city23 project

Can you remember phra pneh (chief of chiefs) Morena Truthseeing, who came to the city on a pilgrimage, but was not allowed into the temple by Yaxchila’s high priest, Kuklan Zipaniza? And who is now spending time with her warriors somewhere in the city. Yesterday, when I drew the city, I determined her location, and today we are thinking about what she is doing there and why she is camped in this exact place – in the middle of the Turtletown, however, with a small army (with 2 companies of Orenic marine warriors).

13 tribes of Turtletown

A while ago, battles broke out between the Nitzmanji (tribe 2) and Katamana (tribe 1) tribes – the reason being a sacred cave located in the Nitzmanji tribe’s city district, which both tribes claim as their own. The disturbances were bloody and hundreds of innocent people died in the city battles. Eventually, parts of the Nitzmanji district were set on fire and the king’s troops intervened under the leadership of Nene. The tribal leaders were brought to king Wadcha VII Itza to account for themselves. The king pronounced judgment and it was revealed that the arguments (or bribes!) of the Katamana tribe were stronger and the conquered cave remained in their hands. They had to pay compensation for the burned districts, but understandably the Nitzmanji tribe was not satisfied with this solution.

Phra Pneh Morena Truthseeing is a distant relative of the Nitzmanji tribal leaders and upon arriving in the city, she went straight to them. At first, the tribal leaders were extremely happy that such a respectable leader had set up her army’s camp between their quarters, on the burned land. In addition, the brave Orenic warriors increased the tribe’s sense of security, which was quite low considering the previous events.

Recently, it has come to light that the phra pneh Morena Truthseeinut may not be allowed into the Yaxchila temple at all. She now sits with her 240 soldiers in the midst of the tribe’s quarters that have recently suffered large losses and is eating her distant relatives poor.

The council of the Nitzmanji tribe is in conflict over what to do with Morena. Simply sending her away would be extremely impolite, and she doesn’t seem to be easily sent away with her soldiers. One side of the council would like to do it still – somehow. Could she be lured somewhere else, could her entrance to the temple be arranged or something else? The other side of the council would like to use Morena’s army against the Katamana tribe to regain control of the sacred cave and the surrounding quarters. But the first council side does not like the idea of a new war against the Katamanas, especially if the king chose their side. Even if the tribe is successful, Morena will eventually leave with her army, then what?

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