Example Trade Journey (or even an example trade campaign if fully played out)

Example Trade Journey (or even an example trade campaign if fully played out)

In this trade journey from Rastlaskhan (Zuharic Trade Region) to Irongate (Kaliland Trade Region), the PCs would have to decide between two different main routes. To make sense of all the numbers in the example, You may want to read a few pages further and then reread the example.

The journey would commence at the lower Embablessed River, sailing to the Gilden Sea and passing through the small straight strait at its start (~250 km). This leg would take approximately 2 days, and no Navigation rolls would be needed as it would be coastal sailing.

The next part of the journey would involve crossing the Gilden Sea, covering around 500 km, and requiring a Navigation check against DL 15. This segment would take 3 or 4 days. In the case of a slight deviation from the course, there is a chance for the ship to encounter one of the seven Wyvernkingdoms. This part of the journey concludes at the great city of Ehnaiton – the capital of the North, the Golden Star. It serves as an excellent location to conduct trades or gather further supplies for the long journey ahead.

The subsequent leg of the journey involves passing through the Straits of Vookan, a coastal sailing stretch of approximately one and a half days (~250 km).

Following this, a significant decision awaits: whether to take The Eastern Route or the western route around Thefna. The decision may hinge on the PCs’ political allegiances, preparedness to confront flying monsters, and, of course, the oceanworthiness of their ships.

If the PCs opt for the western route, they would sail straight over the Tauric Sea (~500 km, Navigation DL 15, half a week), coastal sail around North Thefna (~350 km, no roll needed, approximately 2 days), and then sail directly to the Hlea Archipelago (~900 km, Navigation DL 19, one week). From there, they would circle the Lesser Hlea (~250 km, no roll, about 2 days) and set their course straight to the small Caffa Island Fortress. Taking the Western route, it’s possible that the religious militant order of Asteanic privateers – the Hands of Menes – might be somewhat friendly toward them (~800 km, Navigation DL 18, six days). After resting in Caffa or alternatively battling the priest-pirates, PCs can embark on the long ocean crossing straight to Irongate.

With almost 5000 km, this would take 5 weeks of straight sailing and a Navigation roll against DL 34. It’s almost certain that the ship would deviate from the course, possibly even risking not reaching the whole Kaliland region and sailing to Orenic or Roadic region by mistake.

All together, approximately 8800 km traversed in nine weeks without counting stops or adventures between.

But returning to earlier choices: should the PCs choose The Eastern Route – because they are not afraid of the encroaching Mist and Tauric pirates from Wyvernkingdoms, or because the civil war in Western Thefna seems more dangerous for them, or they just don’t have a ship able to straight traverse the huge Asteanic Ocean. Then there is a possibility to coastal sail the whole journey, with no possibility of getting lost but many opportunities to encounter various dangers – like trying to coastal sail the border of Mist – hoping not to accidentally traverse into it at night. Or coastal sailing the Roadic Archipelagos – filled with angry Roadic pirates, happy to attack any Asteanic trade vessel. This semicoastal route of ~5600 km wouldn’t need any Navigation rolls – theoretically (if not getting lost in the Mist). Only after the Roadic Archipelagos, there would be a ~500 km strip of open ocean – Navigation DL 15. And after that, 200 km of coastal travel to Irongate.

This trip would be shorter, ~7300 km, and taking just over seven weeks. But this trip would be, of course, a lot more dangerous – with even the real possibility of getting lost into the Otherworld.

The riches made and adventures experienced throughout this trade journey could be epic.

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