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The Full Core Rulebook will be published after the Kickstarter campaign and will include:

  • More abilities, more equipment, and magical items
  • More spell schools (Necromancy, Psychics)
  • Asteanic major gods and a whole lot of priest spells
  • More establishments for the Domain Game
  • Rules for combat on a company scale and stats for companies
  • A complete Economics module (Rules for overseas trade, seafaring, sea battles, ship stats, storms, and so on).

Meanwhile, the Basic Edition can be downloaded at DriveThru RPG or at 

SAKE is perfect for players who want to experience the thrill of adventure while managing their own domains, trading, engaging in large-scale battles, and playing with magic and gods, all in one game.

SAKE is a point-buy system where EXP, which is used to buy skill ranks, abilities, HP, spells etc., is gained through gameplay events and the personality traits of a Player Character.

SAKE uses a classical RPG 7-dice set.

SAKE includes:

  • A robust system for managing domains and creating thrilling adventures around them.
  • A system for engaging in trade and shipping, complete with all the associated intrigues and risks.
  • A system for large-scale battles, complete with troops, sieges and more.
  • An abundance of random tables for generating events, dungeons and adventures, ensuring that each game session is unique.
  • And of course, magic, exciting early modern equipment (katanas, muskets, plate armour, and grenades, all in the same battle), undead, insane gods, and all the other elements one would expect from an adventure.


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