The game is currently being translated. I plan to upload it in sections as the translation process progresses in the next few months.

Character sheetInteractive, use in computer or print. Size A4
SAKE Introduction and Character creationSimple pdf
SAKE equipment listSimple pdf
SAKE Combat and Chase rulesSimple pdf
SAKE Dungeon Crawling RulesSimple pdf
Players Dungeon SheetLike a Character Sheet, but for the whole party.
Size A4, print only
GM’s Dungeon SheetLike a Character Sheet, but for the dungeon.
Size A4, print only

As the game is being translated into English, you can download the entire game and all related files in Estonian from HERE.

Archetypes below.


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Archetypical PCs

Archetypes are built using 8 attribute points and 100 EXP, and they all come equipped with equipment worth 100 GD. In contrast, most standard NPCs are constructed using 40-80 points. Sample archetype characters are designed to be well-balanced, enabling them to handle a wide range of in-game situations.

Azure Warriors and Azure Assassins, are warrior-sorcerers of the Asteanic culture.

Character Sheet

Samurai are semi-feudal bureaucrat-warriors in the Asteanic world.

Character Sheet

Shinobis are a class of covert agents, spies, and assassins in the Asteanic world.

Character Sheet

Beastmasters are sorcerers who speak animal languages and control them.

Character Sheet