The Full Core Rulebook will be published after the Kickstarter campaign and will include:

  • More abilities, more equipment, and magical items
  • More spell schools (Necromancy, Psychics)
  • Asteanic major gods and a whole lot of priest spells
  • More establishments for the Domain Game
  • Rules for combat on a company scale and stats for companies
  • A complete Economics module (Rules for overseas trade, seafaring, sea battles, ship stats, storms, and so on).

Meanwhile, the Basic Edition can be downloaded at DriveThru RPG or at 

Archetypical PCs

Archetypes are built using 8 attribute points and 100 EXP, and they all come equipped with equipment worth 100 GD. In contrast, most standard NPCs are constructed using 40-80 points. Sample archetype characters are designed to be well-balanced, enabling them to handle a wide range of in-game situations.

Azure Warriors and Azure Assassins, are warrior-sorcerers of the Asteanic culture.

Character Sheet

Samurai are semi-feudal bureaucrat-warriors in the Asteanic world.

Character Sheet

Shinobis are a class of covert agents, spies, and assassins in the Asteanic world.

Character Sheet

Beastmasters are sorcerers who speak animal languages and control them.

Character Sheet

Also, SAKE has its first official adventure module released: The Crime Districts of Ireongate, in which players take the role of heirs releasing their clan’s forge-villa from a criminal gang.


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