Restoration school of magic

Restoration school of magic

Restoration school of magic translated as well as monsters creatable for restoration mages. A brief description of the magic school in this post, spells and monster stats can be downloaded as a PDF at the end of the post.


Restoration magic is based on energy transfer similarly to Soulcraft. Restoration is expressed through techniques such as acupuncture, massage, meditation, or similar practices. When healing wounds, it often involves stitching or bandaging the wound. Most healing rituals take at least ten minutes to several hours. During the healing process, the patient must relax and avoid thinking too much. Meditation is also beneficial. A sorcerer can even heal themselves by directing their energy to the right place.

Restoration is the most well-known branch of witchcraft, found among all cultures that have some knowledge of magic. Generally, society views healers positively.

* – The benefits of psychotropic substances only add half of their effects to Restoration, as the main component of Restoration is giving away one’s own energy, and psychotropic substances make energy transfer easier but do not generate more energy.

** – The Mirror to the Otherworld has no use in Restoration magic.

*** – Restoration can sometimes be utilized without casting a specific spell, particularly when healing injuries described in combat maneuvers. In these instances, it consumes only 1 Spellpoint.

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