Beastmastery Magic School and other stuff

Beastmastery Magic School and other stuff

Today, it’s time to release a variety of different content that’s somewhat connected:

  1. Beastmastery Magic School
  2. Daughters of Seamother (Corporal otherworldlings who are adept beastmasters themselves)
  3. Colossal Sea Turtle (An animal that provides a great companion for beastmasters of Kaliland – also usable as a ramming ship in ship-to-ship combat)
  4. Some other animals for PCs to fight or tame.
  5. Seamother the god – there is also a myth that mentsions her (written at Lore and History page).
  6. And Beastmaster Archetype – for players to choose.

Also, been testing some layouts for the final book, as you can see from pdf: Beastmastery Magic School and Other Stuff

Some pages from the pdf:

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