Soulcraft and Magical items

Soulcraft and Magical items

Today, I translated the description and spells of the Soulcrafting magic school. I will include a brief description of the magic school in this post, while the spells and magical items can be downloaded as a PDF at the end of the post.


Soulcraft is a moderately well-known branch of sorcery, and it shouldn’t be very difficult to find such a sorcerer in most realms.

Soulcraft has two aspects: firstly, it allows the sorcerer to directly convert their soul’s energy into electricity, making it the only branch of sorcery capable of inflicting direct harm in battle. Secondly, soul manipulation enables the creation of various magical items like Soulbleed weapons.

Thanks to its practical and economically beneficial nature, those skilled in this school of magic are usually respected individuals in society. However, they are also feared, for they possess the knowledge to create weapons that not only kill bodies but also kill the soul.

It should be noted that many cultures are unaware of the existence of several items crafted by soulcrafters.

Soulsmiths are sorcerers who infuse a portion of their soul into the item and create magic items through this unique process. There are two ways to archive this. 

The first and simpler method, which produces more potent results, involves storing the soul during the item’s crafting. It is a ritualistic and meditative practice that may require some aid from hallucinogens, though nothing too strong; even simple mushrooms can suffice, as the sorcerer must retain the ability to craft the item. This is the process used to create Soulbleed weapons.

The second method involves taking a finished item and, through meditation, forcing part of one’s soulenergy into it. Here, a stronger hallucinogen may be used.

During the work, the soulsmith forms a spiritual bond with the item, which feels like an extension of their own limb during the process. This bond typically ends when the work is completed.

Technically, the soulsmith spends a portion of their Soul Health Points for each creation. Depending on the complexity of the item, these points may or may not regenerate. Generally, the loss of Soul HP is permanent. In a literal sense, the soulsmith forges their soul into currency.

Download Soulcrafting and Magical Items (pdf)

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