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The Start of the Adventure in Irongate


Roll d??Rumour
1King Wadcha VII Itza has been cursed by the “Itza-Zipopan Open Seas Peace Treaty”, which prevents him from restoring the Itza maritime empire, as violating the treaty would result in his death. Many members of the Itza clan are unhappy with this situation and believe that instead of searching for a cure for the king’s curse, a new king should simply be put in place, solving the entire problem.

In this situation, the king has relatively few supporters remaining and they have to spend most of their time searching for those planning to overthrow the king, instead of searching for a cure.
2Yunu Itza is a relative of the king and one of the most influential women in the Itza clan. Recently it was revealed that the warlike faction of the Itza clan had gathered behind Yunu and they attempted to overthrow the king. However, this failed and now Yunu is under house arrest in the Iron Palace. Most of the Itza clan, under the leadership of Yunu’s son Kzalpa Itza, has fled to the mountains, where they are leading resistance against the Cursed King and his loyal henchman Nene.
The Cursed King, however, is hiding in his empty and rusted grand palace, too afraid to show his face in fear of assassins.
3Yaxchilan high priest Kuklan Zipaniza has become paranoid and never leaves his fortress temple. Access to lich-god Yaxchila has gotten more tedious and expensive. Kuklan and other priests demand visitors reveal their questions and motives towards the god before entry and accompany all visits. If the Zipaniza clan members do not like the intentions of visitors their entry is barred.  Some suspect it’s all a show to scam ever-increasing amounts of wealth from pilgrims while others think something even more sinister is happening within the temple walls.

Roll 1d4:
1. Some say Kuklan has killed the real lich-god and replaced him with somebody else. This would mean that priests who sign contracts with the god do so with someone else entirely.

2. Some think Kuklan has gathered an unimaginable amount of wealth over the years and has hidden it somewhere in the temple. They say he’s lost his mind in greed and spends time every day rolling around and “bathing” in his riches. They think it’s the fear of thieves that has forced him to close the temple.

3. Others say that Kuklan is scheming with the relatives of the Rustking to make a coup in the city and that’s why the temple is closed.

4. Some suspect the ancient god-lich Yaxchila is becoming more dangerous, he’s awakening, and nobody knows what plans he might undertake once he exits his palace once more. Kuklan and his clan are preparing for the potential outcome of that event and visitation times are restricted to keep Yaxchila calm and awakening fully.
4Nene, the leader of King Wadcha VII Itza’s personal guard, is close in age to the king and was raised in the palace with him. It is rumoured that Nene may be the king’s secret lover, but no one is certain. Despite the gossip, it is known that Nene and her guard are the only military units still actively serving the king in the city and kingdom.
5Morena Truthseeing, Orenic phra pneh (chief of chiefs), has arrived in the city with her fleet from the south. The priestess-queen has come to the Temple of Yaxchila as a pilgrim with her warriors, seeking to forge a pact with the lich-deity. However, she has been denied entry by the high priest, Kuklan Zipaniza, who keeps finding new excuses to keep her out. Morena’s patience is wearing thin.
6The Nitzmanji and Katamana tribes recently clashed over a sacred cave in the Nitzmanji tribe’s city district. The conflict resulted in widespread violence and death. Parts of the Nitzmanji district were burned, leading to intervention by the king’s troops under Nene’s leadership. The tribal leaders were brought to King Wadcha VII Itza, who ruled in favour of the Katamana tribe. They had to pay compensation but the Nitzmanji tribe lost the sacred cave and is unhappy with the outcome.
7Phra Pneh Morena Truthseeing, a distant relative of the Nitzmanji tribal leaders, arrived in the city and visited them. At first, the tribal leaders were pleased to have her army camp on the burned land between their quarters, which increased their sense of security. However, it has been revealed that Morena may not be allowed into the Yaxchila temple. She currently resides with her 240 soldiers in the midst of the recently devastated Nitzmanji tribe, straining their resources.
8There is a rumour that some young pickpockets are using a secret entrance to access the Otherworldly Palace of Yaxchila. They are reportedly sneaking through the halls and stealing from the powerful lich god himself. This doesn’t sound like a reasonable idea.
9Ban Bogodan and his band of mercenaries have taken control of a former Itzan naval fortress and neighbouring islands, using it as a pirate base to plunder Asteanic merchant ships in the southern waters.

Rumours from Lardes metaplot, when PCs don’t intervene:

3 months after the game starts

The PCs hear that Kuklan Zipaniza has gotten 20 guns from somewhere and placed them on the walls of the Yaxchila temple complex. On closer inspection, they can be seen, but they are hidden.

9 months after the game starts

Later, rumors circulate that an important artifact has been stolen from the palace.

12 months after the game starts

Lardes la Naxos-Lazura leaves the city with his two ships and crew. Palazzo la Lazura is left empty. People in the city are discussing what that man wanted from here – was he a merchant like he said or somebody else.

First metaplot: